Beyond Funds

An Actively Managed Certificate Programme

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Harnessing LegalTech, RegTech and Fintech

A uniquely flexible, full-lifecycle investment product delivery platform for would-be investment managers frustrated by the boundaries, restrictions and unnecessary regulation which prevents new investment propositions from reaching the market.

Powerful investment product delivery for global investors

Complete lifecycle execution from strategy design to ISIN and clearing system eligibility including DTC, Clearstream and Euroclear.

Own-label Product

Regtech is about using modern methods to overcome traditional boundaries in product development and delivery.  Beyond drives innovation to create products integrated to the global capital markets.


Using market leading Fintech platform, Beyond can deliver an integrated solution from product definition to opening new distribution channels.  Quickly.  Efficiently.  a fintech solution with decades of capital markets experience harnessed for Beyond clients.


LegalTech is crucial to reduce the cost of issuance.  Beyond has incorporated specialist legal advice in the delivery system.  Investment product creation has never been more robust and efficient.

Flexible Strategies with Global Settlement


Open architecture allows for a wide variety of options for both regulated and unregulated investment managers to develop marketable strategies.

"Beyond will deliver a complete solution from inception to first NAV within six weeks.  Why wait for regulators who dont understand the importance of time to market."

Time to Market is Important

"Beyond offers an integrated marketing and channel management along with the investment management  including calculating fees due to channel partenrs.  No CRM system can do this .  New Channel Partners love it."

Onboarding New Distribution Channels

"Beyond creates access for offshore and private funds to onshore investors.  Digital settlement architecture integrates to Euroclear Clearstream and DTC.  Access is easier. Capital raising is simplified."

Offshore and Private Funds Can Access New Markets

"Without regulatory limitations including diversification rules, Beyond offers easier implementation of focussed investmeent strategies"

Focussed Investment Strategies

Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Beyond platform offer more comprehensive range of capabilities than any other similar solution in the market.  Really?  Yes...

Do you help raise capital?

A product with capital raising support is like a shop window with no way to get in the shop.  We provide an entire ecosystem for capital raising including campaign management and embedded channel management solution.

Are ISINs eligible for international settlement?

ISINs are either Irish or UK ISINs and will be made eligible for cross border settlement in Euroclear and Clearstream.  DTC Settlement is extra (the US is still a bit backwards but it does work).

Are there any limits to Beyond?

Everyone has boundaries.  In short, however, as long as it is possible to derivate a periodic valuation (proxy or mark to market), the Beyond will deliver.

What about the legals?

Beyond has a team of English lawyers who prepare all the documentation.  English Law is the most respected globally for capital markets transactions.  Why trust any other jurisdiction?

What is the typical time scale?

For the Basic plan, this is a one day setup.  For new securities, a guarantee of no more than six weeks to deliver the ISIN and settlement infrastructure.

Do you have any other questions?

There are a lof of confusing terms thrown around by other providers (ePPN, ETI, ETP, iMAPs etc etc).  Why?  To confuse.  Talk to us.  Its quite simple which is what the market (i.e., investors) want.

Who We Are

Our Partners

We rely on a dedicated team of specialist partners who are embedded within the Beyond offering to deliver a market leading, end to end solution.